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The Anxious Hipster and Other Barflies I've Known

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"How did you get in here?"

That's what everyone asks award-winning alt-weekly editor Brian Clarey, as he takes the read on a rollicking literary pub crawl, cracking wise on Botox babes and breaking bread with street people and washed-up celebs, extoliating the joys and perils of fatherhood, honing his craft at an "all-night grad school" - the bars he tended, where he learned the tricks of the trade.
"Honest, amusing, and frequently tender, Brian Clarey's clear-eyed observations ... are crackerjacks of insight."
-Marianne gingher, author of "Adventures in Pen Land" and "Bobby Rex's Greatest Hit"

"Brian Clarey's words are always insightful, fresh, humorous, and provocative ... I am delighted to finally have a collection of his columns available in one volume."
-Austin Carty, cast member of Survivor and author of "High Points and Lows"
"(H)is lucid prose reveals not only a mastery of the craft, but a powerful sense that the charms of the Crescent City still beat in his veins. I got the goose bumps reading his essay about the first Carnival post-Katrina."
- Jay Mazza, author, "Up Front & Center: New Orleans Music at the End of the 20th Century"
"He's the real deal."
-Marion Winik, veteran NPR correspondent and author of "Telling"
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